Fake Internet Points (FIP) is one of the techniques we use to engage users on LolSnaps. Awarding users with absolutely worthless points for their interaction with other users and the website in general was popularized by Digg in 2004 and refined by Reddit beginning in 2005. The reason we have implemented our custom version of this functionality is simple: some users respond favorably when motivated (even by Fake Internet Points) and that enhanced level of engagement can promote the best kind of content for the entire community.

How FIP Works

You receive Fake Internet Points (FIP) when you engage in a number of behaviors including uploading posts, viewing posts, voting on posts, and receiving votes on the posts you upload. A high amount of FIP on your user profile (in most cases) tells other users that you are a valued contributor to LolSnaps. A negative amount of FIP on your user profile (in most cases) tells other users that your contributions are not appreciated. All new users begin with 0 (zero) Fake Internet Points. Your FIP total is displayed on your user profile page. Fake Internet Points are ONLY awarded to registered users because there is no way to award an anonymous user over time.

Earning Fake Internet Points

Fake Internet Points can be earned for doing the following:

  1. View a post (1 point)
  2. Vote on a post (1 point, upvote or downvote)
  3. Upload a post (10 points)
  4. Receive points for your uploaded post (You’ll be awarded a point for every point your post receives from user votes)
  5. Leave a comment in Disqus (1 point)  [AVAILABLE IN EARLY 2018]


1. How do I begin earning FIP?

Register as a user. It really is that easy. You can earn FIP even if you’re otherwise a lurker (see #1, above)

2. Are Fake Internet Points retroactive?

FIP begins at zero once you create an account and register as a user. There is no way to go back in time and accurately capture and award points in a system that was previously built around anonymous users.

3. Can I redeem FIP or gift them to someone else?

No. They’re FAKE. Worthless. But they’re YOUR fake points and no one can take them away from you except you… for being a naughty user.

4. Will this encourage bad behavior on the part of users?

We don’t think so, but we’ll be closely monitoring how things go and make changes and adjustments if needed.

5. Why are more points awarded for posting a snap?

First, posting a picture doesn’t happen very often. Second, there is some downside to users who post pictures because their pictures may end up with negative points (and, therefore, negative FIP). The downside is limited, but real nonetheless.

More information to come as we fine tune this new feature.

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