Phrasing, Becca…phrasing!


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  • Galactic Emperor Kalashnikov

    Well, since I got it without going to something dirty; what did he do? Did he take your iPhone away? Ground you? Not buy you the new sports car you wanted, or perhaps the new phone you wanted? Or did he not want to shell out a ridiculous amount of money on concert tickets?

    • whatever

      The girl is automatically to be blamed, right? You seem to be pretty well endowed too,
      mon Général…

      • Galactic Emperor Kalashnikov

        Well, I base this in the fact that the youth of this generation believe that they need to get whatever they want, and whenever they don’t, they get pissed at whoever didn’t give into them and call them assholes, dicks, or other things. Here’s some other lolsnaps posts to show what I mean. . Usually, most people don’t go to social media to bitch about their parents doing abusive stuff though (at least from what I’ve gathered from the people I know), as they don’t want the parent who’s being a “dick” to find out, but in the slim chance I’m wrong I’ll take my statement back, but I’d require proof for that. As to how well off I am, I’m in my 20’s, have a decent paying job, a house (albeit it was the one expensive thing that was given partially to me by my grandparents after they passed) that I pay the taxes on (well partially, as the house belongs to my cousin as well, so we split the bills). Everything I have, I’ve payed for (well after 16 when I got a job and my dad said that he wouldn’t support me anymore aside from food, water, and shelter), but even then I didn’t get much from him, or the rest of my family. However, I’d say I’m not too bad off with what I have.

        • Lord Gucci

          Well said plus her lack of grammar shows her true stupidity.

        • Gramps McCool

          Dude come on…you’re in your 20’s and you’re bitching about ‘the youth of this generation’? Strange times indeed…

          • Galactic Emperor Kalashnikov

            By that I meant those who are around 12-17 years old. Most people 18+ have at least been taught respect by their parents and understand that they can’t always get what they want. Granted there are some people in each category that still don’t get that, but for the most part, the statement is accurate.

          • Richard

            He’ll be bitching till he’s dead, don’t worry about it, it’s just who he is

          • Rattlehead

            I’m 23 and I can’t stand the way people only a few years younger or even my age seem to behave, it’s a disgrace really.

  • RafMan


  • gar

    I’m not her stepdad nor do i know her, please ladies stop contacting me about this becca.

  • The Cookie Monster

    LolSnaps is improving! Some really great ones lately! And then this one…. Best pic in a while! Hahaha

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