Just a little something to keep your spirits up.

  • seth clammy

    spoiler: she’s not going to come.

    • Octopus of Disapproval

      Or he

    • Das Puggy

      Stop looking at the trendsetters.

    • Jimmy Larsen

      Don’t say that 🙁 I don’t wanna be alone forever.

  • tommy2X4

    Aww of the day.

  • CFG

    The question is: will still have anything left for you when you arrive there? You know, in this competitive society “the winner takes it all” (and I loathe that, but sadly is how a lot of things are set nowadays, always forcing you to compete and be the best of the best. Just look at almost any job selection process).

  • https://www.facebook.com/Brageyboy?ref=bookmarks Gahn

    I caught up on my own but they won’t let me through the door now. Just sitting outside waiting to be let in.

  • Tsubasa

    I’m still waiting a poké-girl

  • FATeemo

    us slow people gotta stick together. but we kinda despite each other sometimes.

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