All of your ancestors survived so that you may be born. Don’t disappoint them.

  • The Mighty Masturbator

    But no pressure.

  • Tsubasa

    Because you are the result of 3.8 billion years of evolutionary failure.

    • Alex Carr

      Evolution is neither success nor failure. Evolution just…is

      • Christine

        And many must fail so the descendents of the One can survive!

      • Tsubasa

        In the case of humankind, it is a failure.
        Too much intelligent (so dangerous), however not enough intelligent (for its own kind too)

        • Alex Carr

          Glad you’re so insightful to make that conclusion all by yourself.

  • David Thomas

    Did someone rub a fish burger on that sign?

  • tommy2X4

    How’s this?

  • Thierry Pattyn

    We are just a disease, Earth will get over it.

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