The Dear Leader ain’t gonna take any of your shit.

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    Apparently, Kim Jong Un is not the one upset with the movie. it is another person entirely that is angry. Kim said that he will see the movie even if it is about killing him.

  • the past

    Didn’t north korea do the same thing when team america came out??

    • Eric Thompson

      I thought Jong-Il enjoyed it

  • Tanya Wicht

    I wonder if it is real, or just a cheap way to get free advertising for movie.

    • Stickers the Bum

      i think it was on NK state media, it didn’t say the name of the movie, but its there somewere

    • Johnny Alpha

      The nephew of Kim Jong-un goes to Uni in my town!
      He seem OK-ish, his bodyguards are tossers tho’

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