New men’s room hygiene poster

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  • Guesty

    In a recent study on hygiene habits in women’s bathrooms, 90% told me to piss off or else they’d press charges.

    • Sometimes Funny

      What about the other 10%?

      • Thierry Pattyn

        Margin of error.

    • Das Puggy

      Did you piss on?

  • The Ragin Pagan

    Your dick is probably the cleanest thing in that room, unless you piss or shit on it. So by touching nothing but your dick (and most men I’ve known absolutely abhor using public restrooms to drop a load,) and shouldering the door, you hands should be just as clean as when you went in. Especially if there’s a blow dryer; those things are germ city.

    • liuping

      Technically, urine is sterile, so even if you pee on them, your hands will not have more germs than when you started.

      • Ara Raven

        Technically, your urine is only sterile to YOU, not to anyone else. We each have a slightly different filtering system and we are each a unique city of microorganisms and bacteria.

    • Mango

      I’ve heard this before from other people but it’s never justified not washing your hands for me. I don’t want to shake somebody’s hand after they’ve touched their dick I don’t care how “clean” their dick is. I know there are nastier, more germ filled things in the world than your johnson but it’s just something you do out of etiquette. I don’t think my balls are dirty but if i’ve had them in hands I would definitely wash my hands before touching other people.

      Common sense yo.

    • Mary B

      True… But your hands were already nasty when you walked in from germs outside the bathroom

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