Ken and Barbie

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  • DeeDi

    That poor boy his pap’s gone mad…. MAD I SAY

    • Jackson

      So made he forgot his sons name, and now thinks he is some kind of sea plant

      • Agidy Yelov

        It’s the way Rick pronounces ‘Carl.’ It really sounds like ‘coral.’

  • Ashen

    I fucking love this meme hahahahahahahaha

    • Bender

      I kind of hate it, but have to laugh when i read “Coral”.

      • Octopus of Disapproval

        Do you feel a deep shame when you laugh and have to fill the empty void in your soul with computer games and looking at funny pictures on the internet. Like m….my friend?

  • Amber Mari

    I thought it was because he knocked up that whore, Midge.

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