Cosmo gives advice

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  • perthaussieguy

    … but cut out the serial numbers.

  • Romance Explosion!

    Why feel insecure? You have yourself a sugar momma! Take advantage of that!

    • Mike Donovan

      Fo reals, man. I was in that position for a little while in college… it’s a pretty cushy lifestyle.

      • CharlieTooHuman (Capt Obvious)

        I’m in that position right now 😛

      • Mark Stuber

        They closed the comments section at IFLS. : Why would
        you be in disbelief that most English dictionaries have a definition which describe how the word has been used for centuries ? The word indian has been used to mean indigenous Americans for over 400 years. The word is used in treaties and twice in the U.S Constitution. In those contexts,
        the authors surely did not mean Indians from the sub-continent
        of India. When a word is used in legally binding documents with
        a consistent meaning over centuries, clearly, that meaning should be
        defined in a dictionary.

        The English language is full of words that have more than one meaning. Even
        children can figure out the meaning the user intends by the context
        in which it is used. The English dictionary would be a lot thinner
        if they cut out very word which entomology is based on a misnomer.

        • Mike Donovan

          I never stated that the other definition should be removed from the dictionary. All I said was how I was surprised to find that a dictionary would place a colloquially common (but technically inaccurate) definition above an equally common (but technically accurate) definition.

          But judging from the fact that you felt it necessary to bring this discussion over to a completely unrelated site just because it also features Disqus comments, I would say it seems you just want to turn a passing “wow, isn’t that interesting?” comment into an argument, which I have no interest in doing… so here, let me help you out:

          You win. You’re right. I’m dumb, and you’re smart.

          Happy now?

          • Agidy Yelov

            Hahaha! The guy followed you here just to continue an argument!? That’s fucking hilarious!

          • Rev. Analbumcover

            My understanding is that dictionaries list the most recent meanings for words first and the oldest last, rather than the most popular or more technically correct ones first.

            Anyway, I’m in agreement with you. An American is a person from America, a Canadian is a person from Canada, let’s be consistent and use Indian to mean its original and logical meaning, a person from India.

          • SHawk

            HE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!

        • The man that did that thing

          You’re not here to bring lols! GET OFF OUR LOLSNAPS!

    • Frank Thebunny

      well, it’s just a woman’s opinion about men.

  • Jayken

    Guys feels insecure, break up with him.

    • a nony mouse

      such logic,
      so woman,
      many wow

  • Christine

    My husband has no problem at all with the fact that I bring in more money than he does. Why would he? Silly that there are people who do.

  • Octopus of Disapproval

    How much you wanna bet it isn’t advice but one of those stupid “how independent are you?” Quizzes.

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