Cancel that shizzle

  • ScubaWes

    As funny as this is,and as much as i want to believe it could be true, i unfortunately found this.

    • HoodieDog
      • ScubaWes


      • Mike

        Then again, the real truth doesn’t exist, only the truth. So is it the real truth? No.

    • Scott A Emery

      Might as well be true. I kept my grandfathers phone number active after he passed away, and moved into his house a few years latter. I got phone calls all the time from people looking to collect or get a donation from him. The conversation went something like.

      “Hello I’m looking for _____ ______ ______, is he home?”

      “No, I’m sorry he passed a few years ago.”

      “Is their a good time to reach him?”

      “Depends? Are you a medium?”

      “I can call back…..”

    • Grey!

      If you read properly the link you yourself provided, it is stated as undetermined whether it is true.

      • ScubaWes

        yes, it did state that, but if you actually read it, it does disprove a lot of the statements. The fact that they are saying it went to collection after 60 day instead of 90 days is enough to already doubt its validity.

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