Was looking up LEGO sets when I saw this review of the LEGO Star Wars Death Star on Amazon.

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  • Beowolve

    I don’t get it.

    • http://www.GameScion.com/ Jonathan N. Frank

      I don’t get your comment. (For the realz)

      • Joy

        I don’t ( For the chainz)

        • Amanda Collier

          I won’t (for the brainz)

          • http://zoegraves.wordpress.com/ Zoe Isabeau Graves

            I can’t even

          • Das Puggy


          • Octopus of Disapproval


  • Chris

    Dat price…..

  • RS

    I want it!

  • Martialdemon

    They also forgot to include the safety railing(Family Guy)

  • Inaba

    i hate how they make these so grossly out of scale…i get that it’d be colossal but come on…. you didn’t have to make the whole thing….
    make the landing bay that you can fit a millenium falcon inside of or a control room
    make separate modules and setpieces

    what are you even paying for here? 500$ for this…
    when they made sets of the characters in lego movie they even scaled those down….
    i understand that you have to improvise when you build something that exists in real life but… you had the instructions…. you could clearly see how the parts were put together and you still took some artistic freedoms?
    come on….

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