Not your standard office lunch thief.

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  • clayjn

    First rule of stealing at work. if you going to print stuff like this. Use someone else desk.

  • mrs anderson

    The only reason this is funny is because Francis got caught. Eff you, Francis, and everyone like you.

    • slayz

      you said it mrs. anderson. i despise people like him and those who trolls people over the phone with bogus business proposals.

  • TheLittleMe


  • Izzy Bozz

    You’d think after all of those back-and-forths’, someone would have noticed Francis posting up the notes. Hmmm….

  • flamfranky
  • Smokeywombat

    Turkey Rye guy deserves it for using comic sans….. COMIC SANS!

  • Lurker #4

    …because fuck trees!!! I need to make lols for the internet. Thanks Francis.

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