Littering says a lot about you.

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  • Theinsomniac

    These are so fucking annoying.
    I mean really, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the message they’re supporting but why do they have to be so fucking pretentious about it? It just completely ruins the message.

  • Stickers the Bum

    smoking crack also says alot about you and the citys whoms logo is in the bottom

    • Christie–Pr-7774.jpg

      I think Toronto is fairly stable atm, and the people havent gotten rid of him, because he isnt actually doing anything bad and worry if they brought any other politician in, they might upset the balance.

    • ComplexEconomix

      GAH! The spelling!

      Ye gods…. it hurts… make it stop! arghhh…..

      • Stickers the Bum


        Also apart from city’s & a lot (and maybe smoking but i didnt even catch that one) my spelling is alright, its the grammar thats bad, so if youre gonna call someone out on it, get it right.

        • TheMatrix

          NO… both your spellings and grammar is bad!! “citys” is not a grammatical error, it’s a spelling mistake.

          • Stickers the Bum

            ya, i stopped giving a shit some time ago, its readable, thats all that bloody matters.

          • Octopus of Disapproval

            No, the lack of attention to detail makes it harder to understand. And is therefore inconsiderate of the poor reader. I have now read your original sentence 3 times and I sincerely don’t know what your point of view is.

            “Whoms” was very hard on me.

  • m4a4

    Haha, I hope these are real.

    • Amber Mari

      Real as in found like this? No.

  • clok

    Cant believe they had time to take picture, but didn’t pick it up, just promotes more litter with spelling. people be spelling there name with garbage soon.

    • Amber Mari

      How do you know they didn’t throw it out….?

    • MikeM7

      Wow, you are stupid…

  • Sm0kah0ntaz

    Now I have the munchies.

  • Bryan Lobesz

    Litter kills. Literally. Just ask Ponce. Oh wait you can’t. He’s dead.

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