Photography with a plot twist…

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  • mrs anderson

    I hope these people were at least warned beforehand.

    • Patchy

      They would have been if they visited often enough, since this was on here last week, I believe.

      • Jessica

        Really? I didn’t see it.

        • Kaervas

          Me either? and I usually check nightly… Patchy, were you in the vote section on accident lol

          • Patchy

            I’m in the Vote section more often than the New section. Maybe I saw it there and it never made it out.

          • Riechart

            This is the reason I do not visit the vote section. I imagine it is the main reason for most people saying stuff is a repost

        • Joey

          Same here, and I’m on this site just about every waking moment.

      • Big Badabum

        patchy probably just got confused with the hundreds of other pic/post websites he visits 😉

        I can ….ehm I guess “proudly” is the word I’m looking for but it’s not at the same time…. say that I’ve seen every picture on lolsnaps that has EVER made it out of the vote section.
        This one’s new.

      • HoodieDog

        I missed it too. Hmmm, something doesn’t smell right.

        • Thierry Pattyn

          That’s what he said.

        • Ara Raven

          Overlord here. This has never been on LolSnaps before. REPOST DENIED.
          *flies away*

          • Jessica

            God, I love you.. Lol

          • Imurai Cs

            I too, am in love with you.

        • Patchy

          You all are making me feel like I suffer from amnesia or some sort of hallucination.

          I’ve really got to keep track of where I see things, I suppose. I swear to science I thought I had seen this posted once before not long ago on here.

          • Chris

            Ive never seen it, Ara denied it, and ohhh i found some skittles….

          • Jessica

            Oooh, can I have some?

          • Jessica

            Its ok patchy, we all have our moments!

  • Dawn

    I want the link to this site.

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