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  • Fokke

    Actually Operation Barbarossa started in June 1941. The Nazis were sure things would have been wrapped up before the winter.

    • Darude Sandstorm

      you just wrecked this person’s snap. have an upvote on me.

      • me

        Guess when Napoleon invaded Russia. Snap restored.

        • Darude Sandstorm

          200+ years ago. During the summer. Defeated because they were there until the winter. Winter is cold.

          • EdHoppe

            and both winters were unusually harsh

    • clok

      Also, it wasn’t just a whim, they needed the OIL (and other resources), all modern armies (if you call the 40’s modern) need the black stuff to keep rolling. He needed the oil reserves to sustain the war in the other countries. I’m not a huge history buff but i think there was some “invade him before he invade me” in the thought process too. And while its up to huge debate, they where so successful they overreached supplies. Most people doubt he could have done it, but its not entirely impossible and if a few key areas would have turned only slightly different it could be a whole different ballgame. Of course one can say that of anything. My point is, it was not as huge a mistake as some think. All in all doesn’t matter he was bat shit crazy and evil.

      • Richard

        In that case, why did he head for Moscow and not direct to the oil fields?
        Plus, I thought he got his oil from Romania, but thinking about it now, Romania doesn’t seem to have any oil

        • EdHoppe

          He did both – two pronged attack. And the Germans didn’t outrun their supplies, their southern attack was going so well that Hitler ordered some of the divisions to the Moscow front. That gave the Soviets enough time to regroup and set up a strong defense at Stalingrad. The oil fields were in the Caucasus, south of Stalingrad

          • Richard

            Ah, that makes sense. So greed killed him. Thanks

      • Octopus of Disapproval

        Reminded me of the quote “Russia is never as strong or as weak as she looks”.

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    I believe there was evidence he was on intravenous amphetamines. Relatively large doses can make you feel invincible.

    • Guest

      His personal physician shot him up once a day so he could function.

  • dheya

    crazy thought I once had, but in the months following the invasion, the Germans pushed through West-Russia with so many vehicles, men and material, they created huge dustclouds going East, because of poor roads, not to mention dust from bombs and CO2 of burning so many villages.

    Could it be that that dust had an influence on why the winter of ’41 was so brutal? I mean, when Krakatoa erupted in 1883, the global world temp was lower because of all the spewed out material blotting out the sun.

    Maybe even Napoleon’s men kicked up too much dirt

  • Fil_X

    He attacked winter because Greece raped the Italian army in Albania(1941) and Nazis had to bring reinforcements and conquer Greece to access Africa for oil resorts.Learn some history people and btw that was the first victory against the Axis during WW2!!!

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