It’s scary on the subway

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  • slayz

    yup, and there’s a very big one-eyed snake in that scary story. uh-huh.

  • Galactic Emperor Kalashnikov

    “ERECTUS TROUSERIUS” or The Trouser Snake is the worlds most dangerous snake. Colour varies from pink to black. It’s fangless, average length 5 – 6 inches (although some are said to reach 8 inches depending on honesty of its owner) it appears usually in bedrooms attacking women in the mouth or lower abdominal area, its highly venomous spit can cause swelling lasting 9 months! Some mutant species are also known to attack men from behind!


    • TheLittleMe

      Yeah, the parasite it carries and injects can really destroy some people’s life.

  • Simple Man

    And maybe she’s just enthusiastically agreeing to whatever the guy’s privately saying to her.

  • Frank Thebunny

    I think I would pull away the quilt

    • SensibleMadness

      I will actually peek inside from the side, while lying on top of that girl… but then, that’s me.

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