College presentations are sometimes the best

  • perthaussieguy

    I went to the zoo to see a giraffe with my own eyes (not borrowed ones).. but it was sleeping inside…so I mythed it….. still don’t think they are real

    • Poo Poo Cha Choo

      Did you just?

      • perthaussieguy

        …er…. yes?…. I think

    • cracker


    • Jayken

      That was so bad I laughed.

  • Inaba

    he is a reptilian!!

  • carnivorousbunny

    Everyone knows giraffes aren’t real. All the ones in the zoo are just five guys in a horse costume.

  • Ben

    Interesting fact about giraffes. 90%+ of giraffe matings are male on male. They are the gayest animal in the zoo.

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