• Amber Mari

    This is a repost, but fuck it. It’s still just as funny. Besides, my hair was JACKED up all last week, and I wore a fake hijab out of an infinity scarf to hide it. I might buy more cuz that shit came in handy. Granted, everybody kept asking me “Oh, you muslim now?” “You look just like a muslim teacher.” (whatever that looks like) even though my arms were showing. It got to the point where I just ripped the hood part down and screamed “MY HAIR IS JUST FUCKED UP, OK? I JUST ATE ROAST PORK LAST NIGHT AND ONLY THAT, SO CALM YOUR BALLS!” But I did learn that you don’t need to hair to be beautiful.

    • unikitty

      After 27 years of self loathing, I finally learned that shampoo and hairbrushes are the enemy. Throw those fuckers away and your life will be changed forever. (I’m assuming that you have curls..)

      • Amber Mari

        I straight perm my hair, but I still have curls. But seriously, shampoo and condition your hair.

        • unikitty

          I’m telling ya, changed my life. I do condition, just no shampoo and no hairbrush. Perfect curls every day.

  • Amber Mari

    I also think women get more flack for wearing a hijab because it sounds so similar to jihad. I have no actually basis for this besides I’ve always seen more people with hijabs and they tend to get more looks. Sometimes you can tell that there hijab is beautiful, and its a look of admiration. Other times people are still blaming them for 9/11. I live in New York, and that is sadly seriously still a thing. Funny thing is that I’ve only seen white people look at muslims like that. Maybe black people don’t because there are black muslims. Idk, just sharing my thoughts and experiences hoping to strike up an intelligent conversation in the community. I really want to know what the rest of the world thinks about blaming an entire group for the doings of a smaller group within that group.

    • Amber Mari

      All that being said, I still understand the generalized hate because I know there are people that have a bad experience with a few people of a certain race or group, and then generalize it and wind up hating the whole race for it.

      • Lurker #4

        So many words from you, You ok? Just saying hi….hi!!!!!!!

        • Agidy Yelov

          Oh, Amber goes into these rants once in a while when she’s had one too many brewskies.

  • Tanya Wicht

    And yet nuns can wear almost the same thing and no one bats an eye.

    • Johnny Alpha

      they do when they whip off the wimple à la Californication

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