The best way to f*ck with your foreign housemates

  • perthaussieguy

    Hooooo boy… when she finds out …. he’ll be toast !!!!!!!
    (but my imagination is running wild… she is very cute)

    • Muslim and Proud

      what if she’s mafia related? ..

      • perthaussieguy

        If ya gotta go, ya might as well have a smile on the dial….

        • perthaussiecunt


      • Ara Raven

        Why would she be?

        • Muslim and Proud

          a wild guess, not because she is Italian 🙂 ..
          we were discussing the brutality of the punishment, nothing more ..

  • GreenHouse

    Is that Italian Orlando Bloom?

    • Max

      and Italian Matt Damon at the back

      • NeuroticMind

        Don’t forget Italian Macklemore right next to him.

        • Ivan A Fagina

          And the Italian Justin Timberlake on the left

  • Thierry Pattyn

    That caption: not sure if clever, or unfortunate …

  • HoodieRat

    Looks like tonight will be a showing of the Italian (hand)Job. I’ll show myself out….

  • Von Der Tann

    lucky guys.

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