Surprise, motherf*cker!

  • Mr. Knows-Twenty-Four-Things

    “Look Sarge, I caught a fish with my chest.”

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    I like how the driver (er, pilot?) veered to the left to try to avoid it. (I think it’s the guy you see to the right of Mr. Fishman.) If he’d had a little more time he would have actually dodged the fish.

    • Mike Donovan

      I’m no military expert, so I may be wrong in this case (since it’s synonymous with a military rank), but usually the guy steering the boat is called the Captain.

      • Dan Mackinlay

        In this case it’s probably more like the coxswain.

  • comicbot

    Nature has had enough of your shit!

  • Charles Dance!

    Does its head explode or something? It looks like the man gets splattered a bit.

  • Ashen

    his reaction time is atrocious for someone in full battle gear obviously in a combat zone or on exercise

  • Verses

    What’s this from?

    • williams__usn

      SWCC us navy’s baddest of badass

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