The all-in-one smoke detector

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  • Hartman

    “Its all in a day’s worth, ma’am”

  • The People’s Poet

    Don’t forget steam from your shower…it is the real killer.

  • clayjn

    Actually the combo unit are a horrible idea. Carbon Monoxide detectors should be 18-24″ off the ground or just below the shortest bed height in your home. so if there is C/M in your home it will go off. If you have a combo Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detector on your ceiling, GOOD LUCK. You will suffocate before it goes off…. Just an FYI.

    • Romance Explosion!

      I actually did not know that. My CM detector is on the second floor ceiling, and the master bedroom is on the first. Shit.

      • Rev. Analbumcover

        That information is incorrect. Carbon monoxide is very slightly lighter than air and the detectors can be placed on the cieline unless the manufacturer directs not to:

        “Because carbon monoxide is slightly lighter than air and also because it may be found with warm, rising air, detectors should be placed on a wall about 5 feet above the floor. The detector may be placed on the ceiling.

        “When considering where to place a carbon monoxide detector, keep in mind that although carbon monoxide is roughly the same weight as air (carbon monoxide’s specific gravity is 0.9657, as stated by the EPA; the National Resource Council lists the specific gravity of air as one), it may be contained in warm air coming from combustion appliances such as home heating equipment. If this is the case, carbon monoxide will rise with the warmer air.”

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      I believe you’re thinking about carbon dioxide, which is significantly heavier than air? Carbon monoxide is about the same as air, actually lust a tiny bit less dense.

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