As an adult, can confirm.

  • Spencer Johnson

    thats da trooff

    • Joshua Morris

      by san.

  • Jessica

    Or make your wife do it. I swear man, the hubby won’t even schedule appointments for the kids!

    • comicbot

      Because as men we limp through life till whatever we are ignoring kills us

      • Jessica

        Basically. Then when you’re sick you lay on the couch and whine when you can’t reach the remote.

      • Goran Mijailović

        Could this be the reason why women live longer than men?

        • comicbot

          Oh yea. They actually get check ups and what not. I haven’t seen a doctor in ten years lol

  • Nasa1225

    I should really go see a dentist… It’s been about 2 years at this point.

    Nah, I’ll be fine.

    • No Name

      Only 2? Amateur.

      • Johnny Alpha

        Dentist tomorrow, 1st time in 12 yrs and it’s only a check-up!

        On the other hand, my health insurance rang me to ask who’s my doctor now as my last one died 3 yrs ago…..better go and find another one then!

  • Jethro

    haven’t been to a doctors in about 7 years, and I only went then because my friends basically dragged me there because I was coughing up blood, turned out to be nothing serious which i kept telling them. but they didnt believe me.

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