The most commonly misunderstood challenge Centaurs face…

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  • Pax Psychosis

    I laughed far more than I should have at this

    • Thierry Pattyn

      For like 40 minutes or so?

      • slayz

        i think you meant “40 seconds”.

      • Pax Psychosis


  • Jeannettaaaaaaa

    I felt like this could have been worked better…no? I could easily be wrong. Most of my comments can be after midnight.

  • Mango

    This just reminds me how absolutely helpless we are as newborns compared to other animals. And for a very long time too! Most species are ready to fend for themselves after a couple of months, if not right away.

    • Das Puggy

      Well, I would venture that we should be stuck in the womb for another 2 – 3 months, but that would kill the mothers (metaphorically and literally). So, we’re born after 9 months, and do next to nothing for the next few.

  • Ara Raven

    Well, human gestation is 9 months while horse is average 11 months. A baby can begin holding up its own head when it is around a month old, so we can assume in this highly theoretical situation that if the horse part has gestated long enough to be running immediately, the human part can hold up its own head.

    Also, just fyi but colt is the word for a MALE baby horse. Filly is a female, and foal is for either gender or both.

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