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  • Pax Psychosis

    10 / 10 would read

    • Mypenishuge

      Pretty sure you already did

  • Dahria Kane

    Ahhhh okay I really normally don’t do this but I’m running out of people to ask. OPINIONS PLEASE!! (And sorry for the length, but this is Muchos Importentos)

    I’m in Germany right now, and I’m meant to travel to Budapest tomorrow (by plane), got the hostel and the tickets booked already. After 2 days I go to Prague.
    BUT I didn’t realise, my temporary visa expired and the proper one, which I was meant to pick up like a month ago, is at the foreigners office which, handily enough, is closed for Christmas until the 4th. SO I’m allowed to be in Germany, but I don’t have the paperwork to prove it.

    I do have my passport, my expired temporary visa, and a letter in German saying I need to pick up my proper visa

    DO I:
    -Try it anyway, turn up at the airport (3 hours away by bus) and a) hope they’ll let me on the plane, and b) risk being arrested in Hungary and the Czech Republic with no knowledge of the language to explain that, yes, I am allowed in Europe but no, I don’t have my visa,
    -Cancel the trip, try and get as much money back as possible, and try again some other time?

    Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, or anyone, I’m not really picky at this stage

    • Das Puggy

      I wouldn’t leave the country without the appropriate documents. That’s a great way of getting stuck in No Man’s Land.

      • The man that did that thing

        What Rich said…

      • Dahria Kane

        That would be sucky. Thanks :'(

        • MrForceQuitexe

          Dahria… You. Are. Fucked. I would say bite the bullet and recoup what cash you can. It’s safer than winding up arrested and possibly held in limbo while they try and sort out where you came from and all that jazz.

          • Dahria Kane

            Yeah, I am :/ It’s a bloody shame too – Budapest on New Years, can you imagine?! 🙁

        • CristHolst

          Stay in Germany for the live of God! At least you can reason with them and you have the letter telling you to pick up the other paper. The Germans might accept – the other guys most likely will not …

        • CristHolst

          Also, technecally EU citizens or citizens of other EU countries can travel freely. But if you are not a citizen of an EU country or country with association agreement, rules about visa applies. Just don’t. Stay and get your visa.

          • Dahria Kane

            New Zealander. If they want to send me back it’s a long way to go.

          • CristHolst

            And they will send you back … deportation actually mean deportation in Europe …

    • Displonker

      Well, you’re not allowed in without your Visa. No Visa = No Entry. I’ve had trouble getting to the US before (been travelling since a child), and they check your visa when you’re there, not before boarding.
      Imagine the same scenario but you forgot your passport. They could check on the system, bring up your photo, see that you’ve been approved etc etc but that’s not how it works. It’s the same with the visa. Maybe you get lucky and find one super generous team willing to bend some rules, but most likely scenario is that you get there, get arrested, and charged for a flight back as soon as available. (Btw, the rooms you wait in are NOT comfortable. Saw one man who had been in one of them for about 13 hours waiting for a flight.)

      EDIT: TL;DR; don’t risk it. However, you could try contacting the airline/airport for advice, Alternatively, if there is any embassy open that you can call try them.
      In future, while I love lolsnaps, Reddit really does have a great community for helping people with these things. Many of them will work in aviation/customs/immigration. More likely to find a trustworthy answer there.

      • Dahria Kane

        You’re right :/ And I hate that you’re right.
        Thank you, that was really helpful. Here’s to hoping I can get refunds

      • Dahria Kane

        And in reply to your edit – they probably do, but I don’t really know how Reddit works; and getting responses from people who, maybe I don’t know, but whose names are at least familiar, it’s somehow a bit more comforting. Coz this reaaaally sucks :'(

        • Das Puggy

          I know it really sucks, but I have to be an asshole… You knew about this a month ago, and you just figured it out now?

          • Dahria Kane

            My flatmate had the letter amongst his mail, gave it to me shortly before I left for Christmas. I could have gone in that day but I thought, “I’ll be back on the 29th, that’s not a holiday, I’ll do it then.” And that’s how my procrastination always unravels me.

    • Daniel Emberton

      this is why we have phones…. ring up the airport people or who ever it is you need to and ask them if its ok… save yaself a 3 hour trip….

    • frontbottom

      We might be able to help one another out, you see I have this inheritance and I need someone in Germany to collect it for me…

    • Beowolve

      Hasta la visa, baby.

    • Flockacox

      Go… Then go straight to a US consulate and work your papers out there. You may pay to have to stay a little longer. Happened to a friend when I lived in Dubai… It’s not crazy to try. You’ll get your papers eventually.

    • Kostas M.

      Hey! Good luck with all that. At least by having a visa (thus being legal) you have no big problems. Generally, to travel through plane in the EU, you just need an ID, or Passport so that the AIRLINE can see your identity. Police has no problem. The EU allows you to travel between states freely. I highly doubt visa is needed for flying, but then again I never needed one for most countries I’ve been to. Good luck again.

    • PATMAN

      What about the local consulate office for your country? Where in Germany are you?

    • Hartman

      Id say dont go. Just cause getting stuck would be so much worse…

      EDIT: nevermind, see i didnt get the reply before the deadline 😉 hope youre ok though! 🙂

  • Alex Smith

    Hellraiser III?

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