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  • Joshua Morris

    I doubt he would fly commercial.

    • perthaussieguy

      Agreed. It would be via Air Force

  • CharlieTooHuman (Capt Obvious)

    Isn’t he a little short for a Darth Vader?

    • Thierry Pattyn

      Dwarfth Vader?

  • The Rain King

    Going through the metal detector must have been a bitch.

  • http://zoegraves.wordpress.com/ Zoe Isabeau Graves

    That’s DIA! I was just there. When was this? I missed it?!?!?

    • HoodieDog

      A while back. Don’t they have a car display there now?

      • http://zoegraves.wordpress.com/ Zoe Isabeau Graves

        the igloo looking thing for, what kia, i think? yeah.

  • Kelvin

    Reminded me of this for some reason. Stormtroopers are pretty much useless for everything else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LowVhCfLm68

    • HoodieDog

      I loved it.

    • Leo

      holy fuck, I laughed like crazy. Thanks!

  • Von Der Tann

    The stormtroopers missed him.

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