Siri…the worst wingman.

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  • Snowstorm
    • Kronk

      I am blond and all… but how the fuck?….

      • Girlwithaface

        what he probably does is ask the friend for the number while the girl is in the bathroom or something like that

        • Kronk

          Not so genius.

      • Alexander The Average

        There’s another video explaining it, basically he has someone use their phone earlier in the day, he then saves the number under “cute girl” or whatever then its pretty straight forward from there. Smooth as fuck though.

        • Kronk


          • Tim Klein

            It actually works quite well as an icebreaker and even when she turns you down it’s a great laugh. I tried it at the mall a couple times. Great fun.

    • mrs anderson


    • Alexander The Average

      Stuart Edge, awesome dude, cool videos.

    • comicbot

      What happened to all the people who thought they had dates??

      • Snowstorm

        They went home alone, cried and masturbated.

        Not necessarily in that order.

        • Johnny Alpha

          ‘went home, they cried and mastubated alone’

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