It’s all in the training…

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  • Inaba

    you guys know about this human furniture fetish shit?
    i just imagine placing a sofa on a kid
    i always wondered, if you came home to your girl chandelier and just went to bed
    just literally left her hanging up there overnight
    if you just fell asleep on some weirdo’s acrobatically placed chair ass and fell asleep
    would it be too awkward for him to poke you awake?
    would it ruin the immersion for him?

    • Von Der Tann

      Dat….table! Dat …chair!

      • Chris

        Dat….art work! Dat… plate of fruit!

    • Lurker Cat

      40 minute challenge accepted.

    • Ranger Joe

      Looks like the Korova Milk Bar from A Clockwork Orange…

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