Who said the Titanic actually sank?

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  • Das Puggy

    Downvote because the climate is always changing.

    • Wait, are you trying to say that there is no such a thing as global warming?

      • Das Puggy

        Considering the fact that I live in the one place in the world that was setting cold records, I can honestly say I don’t see any proof of global warming. I mean that literally.
        I seriously believe in conservation of resources, but not for silly reasons such as what you and a few others imply. Solar is a much better idea than petroleum. Nuclear is a much better idea than carbon.

        • Bloodstrupmoen
        • Global warming is exactly that: it’s *global.* It’s irrelevant if there’s any noticeable difference within the area you live in at the moment because some areas experience it more than the others. Also, there is already so much variation within daily temperatures that you can’t tell if the days on average are warmer or not unless you keep detailed logs of it and even then, we’re not talking about timeframes of mere weeks or months.

          “I’m not seeing it so it can’t be true” is not a valid argument.

          • Das Puggy

            Are you a douche? Why do i have to believe in it for you to understand I am still going for the same actions — less carbon, more sustainability, better energy infrastructure? It’s like a stinking religion — you can be as good a person as possible, but if you don’t believe, you don’t get into heaven.

          • Because I’m pointing out that you do have the same kind of a mentality as highly religious people: “I’m not seeing it so it can’t be true and any evidence against me is therefore wrong.”

            There are hundreds of climate scientists with actual degrees in the field, with thousands of logging stations on a global basis, with several *decades* of data and it’s all actually logged, not just anecdotal feelings or taken from your home thermometer that have proved that it is happening. And then you come along and prove everyone wrong, just by pointing at your home thermometer that only tracks one, single location in one, single country, with no actual background in the field or anything.

            The only thing up for debate is how much of it is caused by man, not whether it’s happening. It is also already proven than man is a cause, we just don’t have numbers for specific amounts.

          • Das Puggy

            You’re trying to give me shit because I didn’t drink your kool-aid; even though I completely agree with the end result: less CO2, more renewable. Wtf?
            Do you have any idea how to get the quintillions of tonnes of carbon OUT of the sky and back in the ground where it belongs?

          • No, I do not know of any practical way. Even if the whole world moved to renewable energy-sources it wouldn’t be enough to stop global warming anymore, it’d only slow it down.

          • Das Puggy

            Short-term, yes, but still something to be looked at.

          • https://www.facebook.com/gdowson/ gdowson

            It’s not a matter of belief, it’s a matter of scientific fact, something you’re intentionally ignoring.

        • https://www.facebook.com/gdowson/ gdowson

          Look at your statement – “the ONE place in the world that was setting cold records”

          Wherever that is, your own “evidence” supports global warming as you would expect more than one place to set cold records in any given year.

          Indeed your end of the titanic is nice an high, pity you won’t open your eyes to see the view from up there.

          • Das Puggy

            You think? Still, why do I have to subscribe to that point of view if I STILL am trying to reduce carbon footprint? Are not the ends worthy of the means?

      • Johnny Alpha

        *climate change

        It”s not the fact that the global climate is changing, it’s always done that, it’s the RATE of change that will prove catastrophic for many species – maybe us included!
        Considering it can be attributed to our interference, through industrialisation etc, we have only ourselves to blame :/

  • Carolyn Bryant Schaub

    The ego of man has no bounds…to honestly believe we can alter the climate- change it- fix it. The Earth is like honey badger- it don’t give a ####. I say we stop our reliance on fossil fuels not because of the environment but because it would take away gazillions from a lot of evil assholes.

    • I am Sancho

      The people of Venezuela?
      I don’t think they are ALL evil.

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