For those living in the UK, that day may be today.

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  • Jodie Poppy Leonie Knowles-Bak

    Nope, that day was about 5 days ago 🙁

  • Jessica

    Switch summer and winter and you get my weather.

    • The Rain King

      I mean this in the nicest way, but…

      • Jessica

        Lol. Considering how our summers makes it impossible to touch steering wheels and have seat belt Bruns on our arms, it’s really not the greatest… I wish our fall and spring lasted longer.

        • Kai

          I agree, summer can be awful! Hot weather for 9 months is just ridiculous…

        • Max

          That reminds me, it gets so hot here in summer, I have had soda cans explode in my car when left for too long.

          • Jessica

            That’s happened before.

          • Gnome Anne

            Had that happen when I lived back home in Vermont because of the cold…cause it’s winter 9 months out of the year. They have 4 seasons…frozen, mud, beautiful and leaf peepers.

  • The Cookie Monster

    Well, I guess you could say that winter is coming

  • ser55555

    As someone who lives in Canada, our summer is more like their spring or fall…

  • gdowson

    Accurate apart from calling autumn “fall”.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Ummm, i get really weird weather where i live so i can’t even place any of the seasons on a pie chart

  • CristHolst

    Winter: January, February, March
    Notice: LOTS of cold rain! And snow in Febuary/March

    Spring: April, May
    Notice: LOTS of slightly less cold rain! April can be opted out and added to Winter – yes we have had easter with snow

    Summer: June
    Notice: Usually a period of severe drought RIGHT before the school vacation starts in July, then LOTS of reasonably temperatured rain

    Autumn: July, August, September,October, November, December
    Notice: LOTS of rains and storms!! Potentially there can be opted in a period of good summer weather in late august, just as school starts up again. Disclaimer: July is more like a mild spring, though often pissing down most of the time and then it just goes down hill.

  • Kent Malone

    i LIKE winter…

    • Dan Mackinlay

      Same. Especially when it’s dry and cold.

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