Damn straight, Joss

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  • A Turd Named Peanut

    I miss this show.

  • Uh. What?

    The real question is, why does he keep writing strong female characters with weak, limp hair standing with self-conscious wide eyed deer in the headlights expressions on their faces?

    • Jimmy Larsen

      To show that just because someone look weak, doesn’t mean they have to be. Learn to see beyond the outer layers of people.

      • Uh. What?

        They’re all fat, too. “Strong” or not, who can watch these tubby fat chicks? Can they do anything other than rip into a bucket of KFC? It’s like watching seals shlump across the beach.

        • Dahria Kane

          *stir, stir, stir*
          – Uh.What?’s subtext.

          • Kenneth Lien

            Hate to feed the troll but…in what universe is Summer Glau fat?

          • clok

            you feed him, none of those woman are FAT, at least in those pictures. And if im wrong, bring that kind of chubby on all day long! I like curves, even a muffin top, i agree with the greats, a woman’s body is magnificent, even with a little extra on it. Any male who cant see that, go find your boyish looking girl and be happy, leave the rest to me!

        • Chris


  • Jimmy Larsen

    Eum.. how can they not have Buffy here? I mean.. wtf. Buffy is THE female character and the entire series is filled with strong female characters and their potential. Buffy the vampireslayer <3

  • https://m.facebook.com/khloebriglio BlackSwan

    Where the fuck is Buffy!? How could they leave out Buffy goddamnit!!!!!????

    Oh and Joss Whedon is a god, but not a psychopathic one like Glory…


    *Falls into a sobbing phase*. Oh Firefly.. OH FIREFLY. WHEREFORE ART THOU IN MY HOURS OF NEED!!!

    • Bobby Kelso

      I understand what you’re saying, I love Firefly too. However, wherefore=/= where.

  • I am Sancho

    Where’s the quote from?

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