Stay classy, Australia…

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  • Daupkee

    This is barbaric. Unless you eat kangaroos, why would you hold a kangaroo’s scrotum that is not attached to its owner?

    • EdHoppe

      Uhhhh. Hm. You say that like it’s perfectly natural to hold a kangaroo’s scrotum that IS still attached to its owner.

      • Madeleine Akpinar


      • FFrost

        To each their own. Everyone has a hobby.

      • Daupkee

        Perfectly natural indeed. xD (NOT. Poor phrasing)

    • Rattlehead

      We do eat kangaroos :-/ and they are delicuous, may as well sell the bits we don’t wanna eat as a souvenier, speaking of which you can also get a kangaroo scrotum coin purse if that is more your style

      • Rev. Analbumcover

        I hope they at least wash it before jamming in a church key and selling it as a souvenir.

        • Rattlehead

          Where would be the fun in that? 😛

      • Daupkee

        Well sir, then I approve. If you eat it the animal, you are entitled to do with its scrotum as you like. No part shall go to waste 🙂 I have just learned a bit about kangaroo meat and the overpopulation control going on in Australia.

    • assfaced

      Because you probably wouldn’t survive if it’s still attached.


    Balls to that!

  • Ranger Joe


  • clok

    Animal, human or ? no ball sack shall be in my hands but mine own, and then only when scratched or cleaned, or maybe needing adjustment, but I may let others, application required.

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