A portal into Mordor.

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121 points
  • Angry Feminazi

    Portals . What you are thinking of is portals .

    • Fokke

      Hmmm, not necessarily….

    • Andreas Peder Zajin Sørensen

      No. What I am thinking of is titties, blowjobs and bacon.

    • assfaced

      I like your style.

  • Coffeeinator3000

    1 door 2 door more door!

  • Ranger Joe

    What a beautiful image!

  • rick

    Oblivion Gate more like it.

  • The man that did that thing

    I SEE YOU…

  • http://www.bubok.com.ar/libros/194779/Historias-de-Findur--El-Libro-del-Nigromante Gulmor

    red portal , blue portal … it’s Portal !

  • Davan

    Sauron is trying to take Narnia!

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