4chan will warm the cockles of your heart and build your self-esteem.

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  • FFrost

    I laughed way too hard at this.

  • https://m.facebook.com/khloebriglio BlackSwan

    I just have to wonder why people just have to be assholes sometimes….

    • comicbot

      I don’t understand why people take time out of their day to be an asshole online and hold an hour long douchebagery thread. I’m too lazy for all that, if i see you in person then yea fuck you guy.

    • EmperorPalputin

      Because people like being assholes and it has no consequences on the internet. Besides, this one isn’t as bad. pretty funny stuff

    • assfaced

      Saw the ending coming.

      • Imurai Cs

        I mean, srsly…… You tell 4chan you’re obese, they’ll call you fatty. It’s their way of affection.

        • assfaced

          And the OP is always a fag.

          • Imurai Cs

            That’s their other way of afection 😀

  • https://www.facebook.com/Averytheaverage Anh Thư

    wtf, she looks supper pretty on her pic.
    and that’s normal. people say that because they’re nice. why wonder?

    • flamfranky

      You never expect 4chan to say nice things

      • https://www.facebook.com/Averytheaverage Anh Thư

        i mean the nurses. it’s not unusual for people to say things like that, much less nurses. their job is to make people feel better.

    • Guest

      Picture is not OP, also few people have been assholes in this thread, most agreed that she was only kind for her job and make OP more at ease.

  • archknight

    found the end funny then felt bad for laughing =(

  • Octopus of Disapproval

    I don’t understand. Why would anyone go to 4chan with a sincere question, that exposes a vulnerability?

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