Bill Gates. One of the most ‘centered’ wealthy guys on the planet.

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  • Jayken

    Guy knows how to work the public.

  • perthaussiecunt

    Fuck me, I seriously *hate* Skavland!

  • Alexander The Average

    Bill Gates is a genuine nice guy, yet people idolize Steve Jobs who was a genuine douchebag

    • nituPkcuF

      Jobs made stuff people love using. Gates made stuff people hate using.

      – and then have a look at the tax write off

      • clok

        I don’t love anything Jobs made, as I have intelligence and don’t like a product to dictate where i can buy, what i buy, and how i can use it after I paid for it. And many are learning this lesson, Apple’s share of the Phone market is dwindling even with a release every 8-9 months. People do learn, even the most foolish ones like me 🙂

        • nituPkcuF

          You clearly think it’s 2008 still. Your “intelligence” keeps you from being updated. Btw, look up the market share as of 2015, especially in China and S. Korea, if you can manage.

          • Jackson

            Wow, dick much?

      • Christie

        I love windows. Seriously, there is nothing better, even the linux I used at a time mirrored windows.

        • Alexander The Average

          I don’t see why people hate windows so much, I’ve used linux, apple and windows pc’s, they all have their own problems. I’ve found that most of the people that complain about Windows have 20 stupid programs running in the background, no wonder they have problems.

    • Max

      There was a time when I used to despise Bill Gates and used to idolize Steve Jobs. As I have grown older, I have come to look at things in a different way. Bill Gate has made a place in my heart for all the good work he is doing and I have started seeing Steve Jobs as the crazy jerk as he was, although he did have charisma. Another thing I love about Bill Gates is his emphasis on education, especially science education.

  • Tanya Wicht

    There was a Richie Rich comic strip like that, he spent too much money on something, and Gloria told him off, and he pointed out that she had bought a doll, that was all of her weekly allowance, whereas his gold whatever, was only 1/2 his weekly allowance, so it was her her was being extravagant – lol (I am amazed i remember even that much, but it blew my young mind, at the time). Relativity I suppose…

  • CFG

    Or one of the wealthy guys with the best image assessors.

  • The Ragin Pagan

    And this is why I much prefer Microsoft over Apple. Steve Jobs was a douche cock.

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