This is a great post and an important one. And I WILL upvote it sometime this weekend.

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  • FizzPop

    Always avoiding answering the actual question

    • Secgu76

      I can understand your concern, Lizz. And I’ve felt that way in the past as well. But let me take a moment and ask you this. Are questions truly ever answered directly?

      • perthaussieguy

        I am glad you asked that question. Why am I glad you asked that question? Well let me answer that by asking you a question. What did you mean by asking if questions are truly ever answered directly?

        • Joshua Morris

          I think you both need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. What really qualifies as a question? I think we need to look at this issue before we can move on with the more specific points about inquisitive phrasing.

          • Name

            Thank you for your concern, and I thank you for your question. But first I think we need to ask a simple question: what is the issue?

        • PATMAN

          So, there really ARE wmd?

  • Secgu76

    Anyone else read this in Obama’s voice as well?

    • Jayken

      It was George Bush for me.

      • Jens

        That’s racist…

        • kyo

          How you know I am someone who drive race car?

      • Snowstorm

        David Cameron for me.

        • Sword Starbeta

          It just had to be Ed Milliband.

      • Rev. Analbumcover

        “That’s a great questing and an imported one. And I WILL do something this weekend. But let me take a step back and cancer a boarder questing. What are we ALL doing this weekending? As a national? As a worlds? This weakfriend I will do something reprehensible on someone’s bust, much fun. And so should we all!”

      • Gnome Anne

        it was for me too

    • iLikePie

      i personally read it in a British accent.

    • CharlieTooHuman (Capt Obvious)

      I wanted to read it in Bill Clinton’s voice, but there was no mention of blowjobs or getting laid on the weekend.

    • Rowan Nuus

      I’d like to say Tony Abbot… but there wasn’t enough umming and ahing….. or enough deflection… more to the point, he stayed somewhat relevant to the question. and there wasn’t enough pausing after a question while he figured out if he left the iron on.

    • the dude


  • Snowstorm

    I’d vote for him.

  • Kris

    I’m gonna do the best weekend. The greatest weekend. All the weekend will be the greatest because I’m here to make it the greatest the world has ever seen

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