Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger…

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  • Xaephys

    Bro do you even Internet?

  • Makeracapt

    “Oh its a snake…sssnnnnnnaaaakkkkeeeeeeee!”

  • Max

    I seriously don’t know what’s going on. Wait, there were first memes? LIke when? 90s?

    • Rattlehead
      • Kaall

        Damn, you beated me to it by EIGHT Fucking Minutes….

      • Max

        Holy cow! Thanks. LOL! Never seen it before.

      • Kevin Chamberlain

        I first watched this on

      • butteredtoast

        What the heck am I watching?

      • Amber Mari

        And here I was thinking that it had something to do with the honey badger video and it getting high (like off mushrooms) from getting bitten by the snake,

      • japanusrelations

        I remember when some of my friends knew this, and others didn’t. Those of us who would start chanting would confuse the hell out of everyone else.

        Apparently, plus ca change, c’est la meme chose.

      • archknight

        shit is this old i remember this from when i was in school which was like 7 years ago o_o actually closer to 6 years but i first heard it like 8 years ago =

      • Christine

        I somehow managed to miss that.

  • Displonker

    Someone correct me – was this not weebl-stuff? I remember sites like albinoblacksheep and weebl-stuff when things like the ultimate showdown were created. So many of them were great. is still running and still great. Cat face has way too many god damn episodes but the early weebl & bob stuff was hilarious!
    Lo Bob…

  • Ranger Joe

    Must I? I must…

  • john edwards

    2002 playing everquest, same year someone on eq forums misspelled “owned” into “pwned” and started that meme , this was going around….

    • Jeanne

      that and Llama llama duck!

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