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  • Agidy Yelov

    Wait. Why are the original subtitles different from the ones added on?

    • Joey

      Timing, most likely. Captions show what is about to be said about a second in advance to compensate for the length of statements and how fast they are spoken.

    • Galactic Emperor Kalashnikov There’s the actual clip for those wondering.

      Edit: It actually starts around 3.50 so yeah.

      • Agidy Yelov

        Thanks, man.

    • Displonker

      Do you mean the light blue underneath the subtitles? Because that’s not subtitles, that’s a description of the guests/scenario currently on. Things like, ‘My ex is violent but I think her baby is mine!’ which stays at the bottom for the show.

  • Mr. Knows-Twenty-Four-Things

    Fucking shit ass-bot, go eat a depleted uranium rod!

  • Dreig

    Gib moni or u get coal!

  • archknight

    This shit aint funny hell if it were a women nobody would be laughing they are just laughing because its a guy and that pisses me off greatly >=(

    • CFG

      Get used to it. white straight men are going to be the outcasts of the 21st century. Just because our ancestors did bad things to women, black people, etc. Seems fair, uh?

      • archknight

        i believe that treating the descendants badly for the actions of their ancestors is wrong

        • CFG

          Yes. In a sane world, perhaps.

      • Tim Robbe

        In that respect, whites aren’t much better or worse than any other race.

  • rick
  • CFG

    hypocrisy… hypocrisy everywhere…

  • CFG

    hi, honey! have you tried sucking my dick? 🙂

  • SuperSloth

    I would…

  • Lerk

    What did we say about polititriggersnaps?

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