Bill Nye never fails to win my respect

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  • FFrost

    Preach it!

  • NeuroticMind

    Bill Nye looks like Claude Frollo in that getup.

  • The People’s Poet

    Black guy in the back is trying to to understand what is being said.

  • Thomas Pedersen

    Woman on left is wondering what her husband is cooking for dinner.

  • Baba O’Buzzi Shalala

    it’s about time america found out^…

    • Ranger Joe

      You knew this all along? Why didn’t you say something? I’ve been living a lie!

  • I am Sancho

    Somebody needs to explain that to Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the rest of the race pimps.

    As long as people choose to seperate themselves by skin color, they will be a seperate group. And they will continue doing so as long as there is benefit in doing so.

    Good luck with your naive quest, Bill.

  • EdHoppe
  • Vincent Wolf


  • The Ragin Pagan

    I like Bill, but after taking a Forensic Anthropology course, and noting the differences in bone structure between different ethnicities, I disagree that we are all the same.

    That said, racism is about seeing a given ethnicity as inferior based on elements of their being – usually skin tone – that they cannot change.

    • Marcus Andersson

      But as Bill said, we are one spieces. But that doens’t mean that we’re one race. Or something like that.

      • The Ragin Pagan

        He said there’s no such thing – scientifically – as race. While we are one species, the fact is that there is such a thing as race. It’s not even skin-deep; it in our skeletal structure and I would even assume our genetics.

        • Octopus of Disapproval

          Yes but really we’re all mixed. I look paler than most white people. But you will find genetically I am part middle eastern from my Jewish heritage. There are plenty of people here in the US whose great grandparents left their mixed-towns (African, Native, European ancestry) to pass as white. These people don’t even know until they have a genetics test that they are part African and Native American, and they look like any European mix. So what “race” are my mixed friends? There is some kid out there who is part every major “race” what race are they? Really the word we should be using is ethnicity.

          • The Ragin Pagan

            And from your skull structure, I would be able to tell that you’re of a Caucasian descent, rather than from Sub-Saharan Africa. Caucasian structure markers tend to be less dominant, and so from that perspective the “minority” is what is considered; e.g. a “mixed-race” person would be considered “black” from a skeletal point of view.

            Ethnicity is one thing, and is generally what is most apparent to the eye. But race does exist. It doesn’t make us better or worse than one another, which is where some people take it, but it does exist.

  • Omnimal


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