OP is getting mad, maybe even stewing.

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  • Vava

    Tacos!!! Been in Texas for 3 weeks and haven’t had a single one :/
    Also, is it a requirement to have your phone battery near death to post a funny convo?

    • archknight

      apparently that seems to be the case whenever this kind of thing comes up =

    • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

      Go get sum then!!! Lol.

      • Vava

        Hell, why the fuck haven’t I? Guess we know what I’m doing tomorrow. Eat all the tacos!!

        • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

          LOL! Oh girl, where you at in Texas btw? I’m in Houston. And yushhh, eat ALL the tacos! Lol, as my girlfriend says when I give her yummy as fuck foodz: “Do you want a fat girlfriend, because that’s how you get a fat girlfriend.” XD Hehe.

          • Vava

            Well this is awkward, dude right here lol. Penis and all. I’m in San Antonio and the tacos were fucking awesome. Is it still flooding over there? Hasn’t really stopped flash-flooding over here.

          • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

            Hahahah, oops, fuckkkk, hate when that happens! XD And aight bro, SA huh? Cool! Just be careful this weekend, got some more bad weather on the way. Tacos, mmmmm, heheh. *If was girl, floor would be dripping* XDDD Hehehe. And it just started flash flooding here in H-Town about 3 hours ago. So yeah, stay off the roads and stay indoors bro. 😉 Enjoy sum guud porn to pass the time, or have some raw rotten stormsex with your gf. 😛

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