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  • perthaussieguy

    Yeah but I in… what….100,000,000 births? pretty good odds

    • SuperDan4

      100,000,000? You know there are 7,000,000,000 people alive on earth right now, ALL of which had births (except for maybe some test tube babies, or Area 51 clones or something). And if I’m not mistaken there have been other people birthed even before these 7 billion. So even better odds than your math makes it look like.

  • Angry Feminazi

    She was a whore that was raped by a soldier .

    • Jeremy Longwood

      Some feminazi you are.

    • Ranger Joe

      There’s an old legend that said she was brutally raped by a Roman soldier named ‘Pantera’. Romans were similar to ISIS when they conquered a country. They despised the Jews because they fought back. Young girls were raped in order to plant their seed in the conquered population. If this be true…I don’t see how this would make Mary a whore. What a sick twisted thing to say. Very revealing of you.

      • Angry Feminazi

        In the Quran she is claimed to be a prostitute .

        • Ranger Joe

          Quran? Even more revealing! Perhaps you’re thinking of Mary Magdalene?

          • Chris

            Yeah maybe a different Mary, Virgin Mary (Mary of Islam) is held in high regards in Islam religion. I wouldnt think she wold be titled so callously if that were true.

          • Angry Feminazi

            Wasn’t Mary Magdelene the Virgin Mary ?

          • Das Puggy

            Different Mary.

          • Ranger Joe

            No. She was a friend and follower of Christ. Her being a prostitute was BS from the Middle Ages. She was a mysterious figure in Christian history. Mary (or Miriam) was a common name in those days. I hope this helped to clear things up. Be well.

          • Ben

            The ‘Virgin’ Mary was Jesus’ Mother, Mary Magdalene was his contemporary/wife/lover/whore depending on version you choose.
            I love the idea that the nativity is basically a 30 year old wandering about with a pregnant 12 year old claiming that it’s nothing to do with him.

  • Christine

    A woman can get pregnant without intercourse. Sperm are enterprising little buggers.

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