Never stop pretending

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  • gdowson

    It’s a fun game indeed although puts me in mind of the problem that I have whenever I see or read a medieval romance scene I can’t help but remember that these people practised essentially zero oral hygiene or bathing and that kissing back then must have been very gross.

  • Joshua Morris

    Sorry, Im still trying to figure out this magical box with pictures of cats and pugs.


    • Angry Feminazi

      Those heathens !
      How dare thy oggle at magnificent breasts ?

      • Joshua Morris

        You said it, baby doll, magnificent.

    • Vava

      14th century me after 2 weeks visiting modern me.

  • Jayken

    I’m pretty sure they’d be completely blown away with A/C and refrigeration.

    • SuperDan4

      And flying things. And being able to talk to someone on the other side of the world, while seeing them on skype. And all the delicious stuff we have to eat, that we don’t even need to make ourselves, they’re just sitting at a store waiting for us. And cars. And on and on and on. We are the most spoiled people the world has ever seen. Isn’t it marrrrvelous?

      • Christine

        We still manage to complain a lot, don’t we? First world problems.

  • Christine

    This is my life, and I feel so much better knowing someone else is as crazy as I am.

  • EdHoppe

    Few ppl realize that even lower-class Americans and Europeans live better than medieval nobility. This drastic improvement in standards of living brought to you by capitalism.

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