Some of these are terrifying…

  • Das Puggy

    Wait. There’s a “Bush Viper”? My wife has been using cumrags for years.

  • Shane England

    cool fact about the maned wolf is that their urine smells like cannabis, in fact cops search a zoo for pot smokers because of it

  • Caddoc


  • krakerjakjy

    bush viper looks pretty awesome, thorny dragon too

    • Pickles

      Thorny dragon looks like the Firefox logo… or vice versa.

  • SilverMox

    I was expecting “your mom” jokes at the end

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Giant Isopod? Really? Pretty much everyone knows about that

  • Keremcan Tarhan

    Intelligent design? LOL

  • Von Der Tann

    What does the Maned Wolf say?

  • Daupkee

    That red-lipped batfish has to be my new favorite animal. So stylish!
    Oh, and I wonder how many of the animals on this list are either extinct or endangered? I know that de Saiga Antelope is almost completely wiped out 🙁

    • ThatGuy

      They probably are, that might be why they are not well known 🙁

  • Romance Explosion!

    Anyone else want a maned wolf now?

    • Yuki-Hime


      • ThatGuy

        Looks like a Pokemon. Wonder if it has an evolved form

  • Sans Ovaries


  • ThatGuy

    That Blue Angel slug looks so unreal, I can’t get over it.

  • stuckinthemidwest

    Anyone else realize that the stub nose monkey looks like Michael Jackson…

  • mcflybm

    This is all I could think of…

    • AngelicArtwork

      That was seriously what I thought when I saw the pic

  • Cyn Neufeld

    Discovery channel has taught me about all of the above *the more you know*

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