The caravel has the line of sight advantage though

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  • Von Der Tann

    Yeah because he used cheats!

    • Jessica


      I hope someone gets the reference….

      • Pickles

        Damn gemmers!

        • Jessica

          Not sure if you’re poking fun or you got the wrong game…. Lol…

          • Rattlehead

            I used to love screwing with the aging, reverting parents back to kids a few times resulted in some really funny looking family trees

          • Pickles

            Clash of Clans reference… newbies come out with jacked-up bases and they just started! Must have spare money to burn through – love it.

      • Muslim and Proud

        that’s a lot of money..

      • limelord

        The Sims, right?

        • Jessica


          • Dreig

            Kaching? Lol no, Motherlode for me

          • Jessica

            Is motherlode 50 or 500 thousand? Kaching would take forever but that’s why you do the !1!1 after. XD

          • Dreig

            Motherlode is 50k. But if you use “familyfunds ” you can give your family like 5 million without sweat. Anyways those !1’s never worked for me in Sims 2

          • Jessica

            I never tried familyfunds before. But motherlode with the !1 was great.

          • AngelicArtwork

            Screw that! Family Funds bitches! family funds (name) Amount RICH as FK

          • limelord

            Naah, I used them too until I realised that they kill all the fun for me.. 😀

      • limelord

        It just hit me! Wasn’t it !;!;!;!..?!

    • Dreig

      Nothing says overkill like using nukes against nomadic cavemen.

  • love and entropy

    Love that game. Lost whole days of my life to it though.

  • Ranger Joe

    That’s the ‘Hermione’…the authentic replica of the sailing ship that brought the Marquis de Lafayette to America to fight with Washington. It looks like she is saluting the American destroyer escorting her.

    • FFrost

      Or it has gas.

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