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  • perthaussieguy

    … and give yourself a blow job (unless you are flexible enough anyway)

    • No Name

      Dude, that’s just gay.

      • homophobe

        It’s only gay if there’s eye contact

        • Jim Kick

          or you feel it move a little

      • L&G

        nah, it’s just enhanced masturbation techniques….didn’t you read your CIA field manual?

  • Coffeeinator3000

    someone once said “go fuck yourself”, so they made it their goal to find a way.

  • assfaced

    Sooo many possibilities!

    • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

      Now you can explore wincest without actually doing wincest. Orrrr, statutory rape, without actually committing statutory rape. 😉

  • Inaba

    everyone on lolsnaps should buy one
    and we should have the worlds first e-orgy

    • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

      Hehehe, I’m in. 😉

  • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

    Hahahahhahaha, that was fucking gold!!!! XDDD Lmfao!!

  • Jessica Velasquez

    I need this

  • The Ragin Pagan

    I’d like to take this moment to point out that they named them Zeus and Hera; a couple famous for his infidelity.

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