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  • clayjn

    I hear Stripp-o-gram Inc. is hiring.

  • Jayken

    I’m quite sure she plenty of assets at her disposal.

  • Vader

    Nah. It’s whitey’s fault she can’t get a job.

    • Exquisite Jesus

      I’m sure she has a great work ethic.

      • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

        Lots of dick sucking behind the scenes. 😉 *Slurp slurp slurp glug glug glug* XD

  • The People’s Poet

    This must be that girl from the post about being a side bitch to a loyal nigger.

  • Arse Clown

    What is Zoyalty ??

    • Von Der Tann

      The mark of Zorro. She worked for him.

  • Christine

    Coffee shops or IT are possibilities.

  • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

    Dumb bitch.

    • Jeanne

      couldn’t agree more – the first phrase that came to mind was ‘stupid bitch’ ;p

      • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

        Wow, and here I am bracing myself for SJW backlash! XD Lmfao!

        • Jeanne

          Oh hell no! Dumb is as dumb does!

          • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

            Amen sistah! :*

          • Jeanne

            D’awwww shucks

          • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

            Hehe, awww, am I making you blush girl?? :3

          • Jeanne


          • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

            Hehehe, awwww, *gives her a surprisingly refreshing kiss on the lips with one hand behind her lower back and the other behind her head for effect* :*

          • Jeanne

            Well now, you ARE a flirty one, eh?

          • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

            What can I say? I know how to make a girl feel special. :3

  • http://www.blowme.com Romance Explosion!

    She looks like she could do porn.

    • Jose Alvaro Hernandez

      Mmmmm, I volunteer as tribute to make boom boom with south sistah. 😉 XD

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