It’s all fun and games until it’s not.

  • Amber Mari

    Can you believe what the kids in the future are gonna say when this shit is actually in a textbook and they have to be tested on it?!

    • Vava

      And then it turns out they can’t read ’cause the world is post-apocalyptic!

    • Nora Bora

      I’m looking forward to my grandkiddies asking me about these events.

    • zomystro


  • SeaCucumber

    More like @IdiocyMother

  • Lunchbox

    The US*

    • awesome bill from dawsonville
      • The009

        U.S. The abbreviation is acceptable as a noun or adjective for Unites States.

        USA No periods in the abbreviated form for United States of America.

    • Exquisite Jesus

      Okay, then people should stop saying “‘Murica”, right? This is a US site anyway.

      • Paul Roche

        You don’t really understand the internet, do you?

        • Exquisite Jesus

          If it is based in the US, it is more likely to have American users, cock.

          • Ashen

            there was a survey done, and you sir, are wrong….like your religion

          • Exquisite Jesus

            My religion? Or lack thereof?

          • Exquisite Jesus

            Also, surveys require participation from all to be credible

  • Drop Message

    Well, let it never be said that 2016 was boring!

  • MordenGeist

    Honestly, the more we run on fire down this rabbit hole, the more I am realizing the movie “Idiocracy” was a prophetic play-by-play.

  • Johnny Alpha

    Yes but the Brits have the joker – Boris!

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