Spotted in the washroom at work…

  • Ashen

    fuck tall people, the advantages FAR outweigh the negatives

    get off your literal high horse

    • Mike Donovan

      Is a “literal high horse” actually just a giraffe?

    • The People’s Poet

      All those advantages…like walking into spiderwebs no-one notices, hitting your head on fans/light fittings, being asked constantly to helps get shit from top shelves etc, being too tall to fit comfortably in some cars.

      • Shivers

        Don’t forget how shirts are always too short because they assume people just get fat, not tall, complete inability to take baths and having to bend and duck in most showers, the back pain that comes from having to lean over nonstop to use counters, sinks, etc…

      • Ashen

        advantages – Society always depicts taller people as more beautiful, leggy models, tall strong men
        every sport in the world, except horseracing, favours height.
        being able to eat more because ectomorphs generally have higher metabolisms and also you can just fit more fat on your frame before your noticeably ‘fat’
        everyone thing you have stated is a minor inconvenience, being tall has soo many more advantages

        • Octopus of Disapproval

          Being considered more of a “Leader” and promoted over shorter colleagues. Being thought of as older, more mature. People thinking that you are stronger and therefor never challenging you to a fight. (I have met several tall people who have never been in a physical altercation, not so with my shorter friends) A friend in high school decided to do an unofficial test to show how he was discriminated against as a tall person. I shook my head when he told me because I already knew what he found. Even though his study was intended to find discrimination against tall people it found bias FOR tall people and against short people.
          My voice teacher told me that many short women change the natural pitch of their voice to sound lower, so that they will be taken more seriously.

    • Lerk

      I too like to fuck tall people, it’s just more convenient. Plus tall women don’t intimidate me. I mean, more than small ones.

      But I couldn’t get off horses of any size, bestiality is just not my thing.

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    I had a co-worker that used to jokingly complain that the “stink sensor” sprayed every time he entered the bathroom.

    There is actually a sensor at the top, but it senses light. When it’s dark, the light is turned off and it’s unlikely anyone is in there, so it goes into sleep most to save on spray and batteries until someone flips on the light.

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