Bethesda starting to branch out into the automotive industry.

  • Walter Zanetti

    la posizionava di traverso…faceva senza tagliare l’auto….

    • Jeremy Longwood

      Sorry, I don’t speak mexican

      • Carlos Castillo

        That’s not even spanish you racist idiot

        • Jeremy Longwood

          I’m not racist. And did I say spanish? No, I said mexican. Spanish is from spain. Mexican lingo is from Mexico. Two very different languages. Who is the idiot now?

  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

    If it works, it’s not stupid!

    • Sirperry

      Yes it is.

  • Kim

    I would have just dropped my tail gate, but hey, whatever works

    • Carlos the Dwarf

      Maybe put it in the truck bed diagonally?

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