It’s funny because it’s true.

  • Inaba

    aww yiss, on the list of important people

    • FizzPop

      I’m surprised to see I’m next in line!

      • Inaba

        where would you place it?

        • FizzPop

          I’d assume it’d be treated the same as the rest of the continent. So, brown.
          Where I’d like it to be is not in question, though – this is the west’s opinion we’re talking about.

          • Inaba

            well, it’s the only place we can name
            everything else is serengeti and jungle as far as we are concerned

          • FizzPop

            I guess

          • Drop Message

            You know when I realized that FizzPop == MissLizz?

            Not now. So totally not right now.

            I’d wondered where you’d been though; nice to see you didn’t actually leave. πŸ™‚

            Also, I was curious. The red countries are the ones I didn’t know off the top of my head:


            Africa is definitely the region where I have my biggest holes in geographic knowledge, evidently (not that I’m surprised). I got 119/196 in total, but most (though not alll, *cough* Bolivia *cough*) countries I missed in other regions are small island nations and micro states. I don’t feel too bad about that. Heck, I’m actually kinda proud of how I did in Southeast Asia. Although I am slightly embarrassed that I couldn’t recall Malaysia. I usually do know that, so I’m going to chalk that up to my daily form, or lack thereof. Interestingly, I also keep missing Moldova in Europe, for some reason (it’s not the first time I’ve done this quiz, and I remember missing that one the last time, too).

            But yeah, methinks it’s time to sit down with a map of Africa at some point and do some studying.

            In case anyone else wants to give it a try:

            It’s not perfect, because you just have to know the names and not know where the country is located, but ah well…

          • FizzPop

            Bwahahaha I didn’t make an announcement or anything, I sort of thought the ZZ might have given it away πŸ˜‰ no worries and so sweet of you to wonder about me πŸ˜›

            That’s a pretty cool test! I will do it, knowing that I will fail monumentally… my world knowledge is not perfect.
            (I’m not upset about not being known or cared for, as a country, I was just surprised we were so high up because it doesn’t seem we’re thought of much, from here, seems I assumed wrong)

          • Drop Message

            Well, just don’t forget that this is a silly picture from the internet, so it might not necessarily be all that representative. πŸ˜‰

            Having said that, I think SA does get a bit more attention here (Western Europe). Part of that might have to do with Apartheid, to be honest. The West and that regime were from time to time quite good buddies. After all, there were white people in charge there, one can deal with them as partners instead of just pillaging their land for resources like with countries with brown dictators! [1]

            I reckon those connections weren’t just severed because the regime ended. I believe this and the transition to democracy tend to make us think of SA more as a “Western State on the African continent” rather than one of those “TPLAC” (tin-pot little African country) [2] (similarly to Israel and Japan in their respective regions of the world).

            [1] I feel slightly dirty typing that out, but sometimes one has to make a point. Not my own views, of course. Apologies.
            [2] Reference:

          • FizzPop

            Lol! The first point, of course. It was a mere “hmm – interesting! I wouldn’t’a thunk it”. Not really taking it seriously at all, just surrprised.

            As for the rest – I know Madiba and “The Struggle” are globally known, I guess just from what I’m exposed to, I don’t think of SA as “being thought of” (but that might be related to my own personal feelings of isolation).

            It’s mildly surprising to see people actually knowledgeable about my countries history πŸ˜›

          • Drop Message

            If it’s any consolation, these days SA mostly makes the headlines here with Zuma and his corrupt friends, so I suppose things are not quite as good as they could be with regards to your international PR. πŸ˜‰

            (Also, good luck with that, sincerely.)

            The Madiba things is interesting. Is that what he’s generally called in SA now? Here he’s still good ol’ Mandela. I reckon our media don’t want to confuse us with the name change (I must admit I had to look that one up as well — of course I know him, but I had forgotten about the name thing).

            And thanks! I do try to stay at least somewhat informed on (some of) history and current events. It’s nice when one’s efforts are appreciated. πŸ™‚

          • FizzPop

            You hear about JZ!? That’s…. good and bad news… hahaha
            Majorly embarrassing… but nice to hear we feature, globally. (Even if in a poor light – now I’m remembering Oscar and all that too *facepalm)
            Again – I usually just assume everyone else is more interested in their own affairs to care much about ours (and, honestly, that’s ok! I can’t pretend I’m up to scratch on all of the happenings all over the world)

            I realise I’m using our more local terms… Tata Madiba (Xhosa for ‘father Madiba’) or just Madiba are very commonly used – *edit-insert* but long before his death already. I only realised now that the world didn’t know that name until after.
            The university where I work is named after him and all the sports teams, the radio station and the campus grocery store/restaurants are called ‘Madibaz’. It tends to be used more than his actual name.

            JZ is our very own celebrity… so called by a local radio station DJ… it’s meant to mock. But really, it’s just an insult to the rapper.

            Here I am rambling on about my location and I only vaguely remember your sort of whereabouts in Europe!
            I hope I’m not terribly wrong by remembering somewhere in the germanic region?

          • Drop Message

            Oh, right, Pistorius! Yeah, that made quite a lot of headlines, here, too. Though he was already quite famous before that, otherwise I don’t think it would have made that much of an impact in the media. The higher they rise, the farther they fall and all that. Plus, he killed an attractive blonde white lady, that’s always good for selling papers, getting clicks and increasing TV viewership numbers (sadly, but truly).

            And you are indeed not terribly wrong; I’m from the German-speaking part of Switzerland. πŸ™‚

          • FizzPop

            Sad but true, indeed. They turned the whole court case into a televised affair with its own designated channel and everything.

            And thank goodness I remembered sort of correctly haha
            I could have gone back to check our mutual comment thread history, but the effort over the slight embarrassment of being wrong was obviously quite outweighed… And I was fairly certain of the general region… kind of XD

          • Drop Message

            *whispers* Sssshhh. It’s also on my profile.

            Then again, I’m the guy who only today got suspicious* when you mentioned SA, then checked your profile and saw your Disqus handle, so I suppose that makes us more or less even. πŸ˜‰

            *suspicious as in “Hey, wasn’t Lizz from there? Where’s she been, anyway? Could it be that …”, not the bad kind of suspicious.

          • FizzPop

            And – D’oh! I should have checked there!

          • Max

            Holy fuck!! I wouldn’t be able to name half of the things you named off the top of my head.

          • Inaba

            diid you just edit that in real time? i got great timing xD

          • Drop Message

            Uhm, nope, that was edited a few hours ago. Though maybe Disqus was being weird again and you timed with that. πŸ˜€

          • Christine

            I cannot do timed tests. I need to feel my way around a bit.

          • Drop Message

            I feel thee, m’lady. But alas, thine link art broken or me. πŸ™

          • Rev. Analbumcover

            “the same as the rest of the continent.So, brown.”

            (immature snicker) I mentally edited out the comma.

          • FizzPop

            Hahaha, I didn’t even think about that

  • Max

    I am so glad I am in the “Shit! That’s sad!” zone. That’s the next best thing. All my neighboring countries are in “Wait a moment, where is that?” zone except China.

    • FizzPop

      In the same boat! Only my surroundings are all the “fuck it” zone

  • Gregor

    It improved a lot over the years, most of the world used to be the ‘who cares, are they even human?’ zone

    Edit: typos

    • Drop Message

      Old White Dude #1:”Gentlemen, it is our duty to bring civilisation to these primities. And oppression. And exploitation. And lots and lots of killing. For their own good, of course.”
      OWD#2: “Of course.”
      OWD#3: “Quite, Lord Twatwaffle, quite. Let’s then, shall we?”

  • BlackSwan

    I just find it horribly sad. πŸ™

  • RC

    They coloured Africa brown. Let’s just linger on that thought for a moment.

    • Ara Raven

      And the US is red. Well, except for Alaska. Nobody gives a fuck about Alaska.

  • Alfredo PΓ©rez Grovas

    Sigh. The life exchange rate is sadly rather unbalanced. The life of a person in the US is far, far too overvalued compared to the life of a person elsewhere. I find it beyond pathetic when news in the US reports things like the Fast and the Furious operation where thousands of Mexican citizens were killed by guns infiltrated by the US government into the hands of drug dealers in MΓ©xico and not an eyelash is batted by the news in the US, but when 1 DEA agent is killed by those same guns the portrayal of human tragedy in the news in the US is truly pathetic.

  • Tanya Wicht

    Awww we (NZ) only get in second, when Aussie gets in first – Yeah I know, we should just be glad they remembered us, we are so often left out of maps… but still… (Jokes aside, this shit really pee’s me off… all lives are equal – and for the record, the most valuable lives, even more than US lives, on the planet – are reporters…)

  • Thomas Pedersen

    Fake news.

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