Goal realized

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    • Tanya Wicht

      Now, we feast… in Valhalla…

  • Matt

    My dog has a condition, where all the Vertebrae in her tail, is clumped up at the beginning of her spine, so she has a tail that kinda looks like an old Volvo 544 door handle. I don’t think it ever occurred to her to chase what she can’t see.

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      Your comment made me laugh harder than I have in at least a week. Thank you.

      Uh, I should probably mention I’m not laughing at your dog. I hope she gets better if possible. What made me laugh is your apparent expectation that I’d just happen to know what the door handle of a Volvo 544 looks like.

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        • Rev. Analbumcover

          Yep, I had looked it up.
          But before I did, I read his comment and this more or less happened:
          Me: “Brain, display an image of a Volvo 544 door handle.”
          (nothing happens)
          Me: “Brain?”
          Brain: “Why the fuck would I have kept a memory of that? I don’t know if I’ve even heard of a Volvo 544 model before.”

      • Matt

        I’m just happy I made you laugh.

        To clarify, she is not bothered by her tail, but she can’t sit like normal dog because t hurt, so she slumps down on her ass cheek instead.
        plus, she’s 12 this year, and has never shown signs of it bothering her.

        • Rev. Analbumcover

          Cool, I’m glad to hear it doesn’t seem to bother her. 🙂

  • donnie1976

    Now that’s an old dog! looks like it took it ages, and years of training hard to get to finally achieve its dream… Then what? Look at its eyes, full of regret…

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