Pics of great-great grandma

  • Patchy


  • Haze1nut

    I believe everything that’s posted on tumblr. Best source of facts ever. They’re like Wikileaks but more truthful. No one ever goes on there with fake stories to try and make a point/get attention.

    • Das Puggy

      Interesting post for someone who thinks Breitbart is a little too leftwing for their tastes.

      • Haze1nut

        I don’t think that. I know it. Breitbart still needs to go more right to be considered fair and even reporting. But one simply can’t deny facts, and facts are that Tumblr is full of facts.

        • Gregor

          Some are more alternative than others though

    • Lady.S

      People have been depicting nudity ever since we learned how to sculpt, draw, paint, and photograph. It’s just how we are. This story really isn’t so far fetched.

      • Haze1nut

        Except when you consider that Kodak didn’t go to the mass market until 1900 so in the 1890s great great granny had to hold her hairy buttcheeks spread open for a good couple of minutes while someone else took and developed the pictures for her boyfriend. Not to mention they were expensive. Most people couldn’t afford pictures of their kids at the time but great great granny took a few pics of her butthole just to send to some guy across the ocean. Yeah. Not far fetched at all. They had unused tickets to the titanic too. Im sure in another envelope they had unused Hindenburg tickets as well. You’re focusing on the nudity part while ignoring the details. Which is what they were counting on. Have people always been freaks? Of course. Has porn existed since before cameras were invented? Hard yes. Were great great grannys taking as many hoe pics as possible on a regular basis to share for attention? Cmon…. times change. Culture norms change. That selfie trend started in the 2ks. 100 years from now it’ll be something else.

        • Lady.S

          I do see your point, but it doesn’t mean that the story definitely isn’t true.
          If they had tickets for the Titanic just lying around, then they may have had the funds for granny’s photos.

          • Haze1nut

            No it doesn’t, you’re right, this definitely could very well be true, I don’t even know how intercontinental mail worked in the 1890s between england and the US and don’t really want to look it up, but it still wouldn’t have been in the same category of what is done today, which is what it was trying to be presented as, and what makes this story far fetched. We have VR and we have porn and we have VR porn, but to imply that that’s at the same category or scale as the “selfie trend” or what will probably be done in 100 years, is just wrong, to say the least. A handful of people having pictures of great great granny in spread eagle formation, does not constitute a trend. Which is what the meme is poking fun at.

          • Lady.S

            I don’t think that it’s so much about a trend as it is about the nature of human sexuality, and that even back then some thought to take nude/scantily clad pictures of themselves.

            Even if they had the equipment so readily available back then, they wouldn’t quite yet be doing what we do with it now en mass. Society most certainly changes, and most people weren’t so open-minded or daring back then.

            Back to your point though, no, it isn’t in the same category. Similar, but not the same.

            That being said, I feel like I’m talking in circles now. But thank you for the thought exercise 🙂

        • clok

          If i had a million bucks I wouldn’t hesitate to bet this person couldn’t produce the tickets, let alone the pics. But its amazing they thought up such an elaborate thing to make them feel ok with taking shots of themselves to boost their ego. The pics, pretty normal/average, the elaborate lie borders on schizophrenic.
          Bonus the full passenger list has been available for years, those who where on and those who did not board, Rumball is not a name on the list, of course she may have had another name at that time. But with Titanic being such a huge disaster you can pretty much follow anybody with google searches. Nobody ever had this name before or after the Titanic that was related to it. But .. it still could be true, the net isn’t the end all absolute source most think it is.. So its still possible, its just more likely a made up story.

  • Severin Parra

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • Daemonius

    I can’t get over the fact that those Titanic tickets would probably make millions in an auction…

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